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Someone bought R2D2 for $2.75 million

In an auction conducted by Profiles in History, a reassembled model of the astromech droid from the Star Wars Franchise sells for over $2 million

Beep-beep, boop – oh wait. You’re not an astromech droid from the outer reaches of the galaxy, are you? Even if you aren’t, R2D2 was one and he was a damn good one at that. And now someone made a bid of $2.75 million for him and won. Well, now you know how much an Industrial Automaton make astromech droid, who has served multiple generations of Skywalkers, goes for even after 40 years of running time. Incidentally, we also think that that much money would be enough for Luke to leave Tatooine and go wherever he wants to go. The End.

R2D2 Star Wars auction

Just kidding, this, of course, wasn’t the original R2D2 because there was none. This was a reconstructed model made up of spares used by Lucasfilm over the years of filming the original trilogy and the prequels. The auction was conducted by Profiles in History and the model included no internal mechanism, so the anonymous buyer would only get pre-recorded sounds at the very best unless they decide to take it apart and don the suit themselves! The original post announcing the sale was tweeted out by Profiles in History themselves.

Not a big deal

The number of models they used for R2D2 in the original Star Wars movie (a.k.a A New Hope) was only four – two suits and two RC models, which was up to fifteen by the time Attack of the Clones happened. So it is no surprise that re-building the droid from spare parts wasn’t a big issue. Nonetheless, this didn’t affect the hype behind it as the model went for much higher than other Star Wars memorabilia and collectibles at the same auction. For instance, the original lightsaber used by Mark Hamill went for only $450,000 and was purchased by Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

The next time you almost ignore this droid for sale from the Jawas, think about a potential auction 40 years later and make sure that this is the droid you’re looking for!

Source: Gizmodo, Polygon

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