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App of the Week: Kruzr

Drive safe with this driving assistant app

Every day, road accidents are a major cause of death around the world, especially India. In fact, according to some studies, they are the biggest non-biological cause of death today. And the sad truth is that our smartphones often play a major role in them, with more than 25 percent of the deaths being caused due to them. With Kruzr on everybody’s phone, that could change. The driving assistant app offers a host of useful features that make it a must have for your safety and your convenience if you drive regularly.

First of all, after the required permissions are allowed, Kruzr can automatically detect when you’re in a moving vehicle and ask you whether you’re the one who is driving. When you choose ‘Yes’, the interface of your phone switches to the Kruzr driving mode. The interface in this mode is designed to offer you the essential services that you need from your smartphone while driving without making it a distraction. You can switch to Navigation or Music Playback on your favourite apps pretty easily too, once you’ve specified what those apps are within Kruzr. By default, they are Google Maps and Google Play Music on Android. The driving interface also shows you your frequent contacts, just in case you need to reach out while on the way.

But the best feature of this app is the Kruzr bot. One of the biggest distractions that we face during driving is the vibration/sound from our phone – be it due to a call or a notification. While the app completely mutes most third party notifications, it does something different with your calls and messages.


The Kruzr bot can actually handle your calls and messages for you while you are on the go. In the case of an incoming call, the bot asks the caller whether the call is important – in which case, it lets the call through. For messages, the bot actually responds to incoming chat messages with a similar approach. In case the contact who pinged you specifies that the message is important, the app conveys the same message to you the next time you stop on your drive. This particular feature is very impressive and can result in quite a few scares/laughs from unaware contacts.

The app plans to add video and VOIP calls in the future. And judging the usefulness of these features for the thriving on-demand cab market of today, Kruzr is also open to any future collaboration with major cab aggregators like Ola and Uber.

We can safely say that Kruzr shows a lot of promise in terms of what it offers. The app is a brilliant combination of useful features and thoughtful design. In fact, even if you do not drive, it does feel great to have a distraction free backseat-ride at times. Get it and enable it – and forget about pesky (and often dangerous) distractions on those long drives that you love so much.

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Arnab Mukherjee

Arnab Mukherjee

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