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AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X / 1920X and Ryzen 3 CPUs announced

AMD’s foray into the HEDT segment seems very promising compared to the Intel Core i9 family. Today, we get to see some of the specs of the 1950X and the 1920X.

AMD has released a lot more information about some of the upcoming high-end desktop processors under the Threadripper brand. So far we know that the Threadripper CPUs would have up to 16 cores and 32 threads and will be requiring an all new socket and chipset i.e. the 4094-pin TR4 socket along with the new X399 chipset. We have information about two new SKUs – Threadripper 1950X and Threadripper 1920X. The former being the 16-core/32-thread flagship while the latter being a 12-core/24-thread CPU. The 1950X will be priced at $999 and the 1920X will come in for $200 fewer i.e. $799.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs

The announcement happened without much fanfare via a video featuring AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su, John Taylor and Robert Hallock who went through the specifications of the two SKUs and ran some benchmarks. The results of which were quite shocking. Before we get to that, let’s take a look at how the specs (or whatever little we know of specs at the moment) compare with that of the Intel Core i9 HEDT CPUs.

AMD threadripper

Intel has the upper hand with regards to the number of cores on the die, however, there’s the obvious difference in the clock speeds. The Intel Core i9 CPUs haven’t had their clock speeds revealed yet, these numbers have been sourced from Wikipedia. The other thing that stands out is the number of PCIe lanes obtained from the platform. AMD’s Threadripper CPUs have 60 PCIe 3.0 lanes with an additional 4 lanes coming from the PCH. And in Intel’s case, the overall lane count is 44. Also, the net L3 cache available to the Intel CPUs is lower than that the AMD CPUs get. However, Intel has adopted a new system which is a mix of dedicated L3 cache and pool cache so the proper performance numbers can only be gleaned from actual benchmarks. But for now, AMD did reveal Cinebench scores for the two Threadripper CPUs – 1950X and 1920X in comparison to the Intel Core-i9 7900X.

Threadripper 1950X and 1920X vs Intel Core-i9 7900X

The first benchmark revealed was the 12-core/24-threaded Threadripper 1920X which scored 2431 against the Intel Core i9 7900X’s 2167.

AMD threadripper

That’s a good start. You have a $799 CPU beating a $999 CPU. However, the next benchmark had the AMD Threadripper 1950X scoring a massive 3062 which puts it miles ahead of the Core-i9 7900X. Both systems were benchmarked with 4 DIMMs of 8 GB each with a clock speed of 2667 MHz. It would have been nice had the two CPUs been compared clock for clock.

AMD threadripper

As for the XFR or Extended Frequency Range that the new Zen-architecture based CPUs are capable of, we have no information at to the speed bump that these AMD Threadripper processors are capable of. However, it should be at least 100 MHz based on what we know of the 1800X. If it goes higher, then that’s even better.

AMD Ryzen 3 announced

AMD had announced way ahead of time that they’d be coming out with the Ryzen 3 CPUs which are to compete with Intel’s Core i3 series in Q3 and rightfully so, two SKUs under Ryzen 3 will arrive on July 27th. Here’s what we know of the SKUs so far.

AMD threadripper

The two AMD Ryzen 3 SKUs are the 1300X and the 1200, both of which are 4-core/4-threaded CPUs with a pretty decent range of clock speeds. The L3 cache is exactly half of the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 processors at just 8 MB. However, since these processors don’t have SMT, this was only natural to be so. We still don’t have the price of the AMD Ryzen 3 1300X and 1200 but it’s only a matter of a week before we’ll have the international prices. Indian prices should be revealed on the day of launch i.e. 27th July 2017.


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