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4 must try apps to stay fit and healthy

Solve your geek health problems with these apps

Let’s face it – as geeks, health has not always been our strongest forte. But there’s no need to worry! As long as you’re going to do something about it, technology will always be there for you with a solution. Especially, right there on your smartphones. We’re talking about apps here, in case you haven’t gotten it yet! And not just more step tracking and calorie logging apps – these apps are for geek health, so they tackle geek health problems. I mean, who cares if you walked 10,000 steps or 7249 steps, right?

Reminder apps

Just hold on to your collective sighs and hear us out first. These are not just random reminder apps that we are talking about but apps and methods that will specifically tackle problems you face as a geek. Essentially, many of us are often found sitting at our screens (with or without purpose) for hours on end, staring at memes or playing games. This means that we forget about a lot of things while we are at it. Fortunately, there are apps to make sure that doesn’t happen. Water drink reminder tracks your hydration in an organised and neat way. ProtectYourVision reminds you to give your eyes a break on the desktop, and exercise them to avoid fatigue. Hell, you could just use Google Now to generate location specific reminders, for instance – remind me to drink water when I reach office. It is all in your hands, literally!

Health Apps
Water Drink Reminder

Zombies Run

How can any geek fitness list be complete without this? This award winning game has won over geeks all over the world. For those who haven’t tried it yet, this is an app which lets you gamify your running experience by running from zombies in the virtual world while you are running in the real world. Already sounds interesting? The app has actually won awards for its storyline and has currently completed three seasons of the story. And the gameplay itself is innovative.

Health Apps

You have to run a certain distance to reach the first outpost. But, if you hear zombies behind you, you actually have to run faster. Unless you do that, they catch up with you. And what true geek would accept defeat to a zombie apocalypse, right? Many of its users testify to running much longer than they would run normally, or run at all, due to this innovative format.

Health Apps

Word of advice – this app requires you to have your headphones plugged in for the full experience. So if you decide to try it out, make sure you are not running in an area or on a path where you could be a risk to your own or someone else’s life. They don’t know you’re running from zombies, right?


You might recall that we talked about text neck last time. Just in case you’ve forgotten, it is a permanent pain or locking of the neck in a bent position, thanks to too much smartphone usage while holding it at approximately waist level. Posture is an app that aims to change that by reminding you to use your phone at eye level. All you need to do is set the time interval for it to check your phone-posture (and in turn, yours) and remind you to hold it at eye level in case you’re not. The app runs in the background so no meddlesome pop-ups either!

Health Apps

That being said, these are definitely not the only good health apps out there – even for geeks. Go ahead and try these out and get back to us with some of your own suggestions at editor@digit.in. With the monsoons here, any time is a good time for ideas that will keep us geeks healthy!

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