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Trailer Trove: Death Note, Jumanji, The Foreigner and more

Oops, we did it again! But we are positive that things are going to change for good from this week onwards. Earlier we overdid the enthusiasm of covering newly released trailers at the end of every week so that you could relax on your couches and catch up on all of them from one single place. Well, that is about to happen every week from now on, we solemnly swear! In recent updates, we’ll be combining trailers from TV shows as well, so that binge-champions don’t feel left out from the weekly Trailer Trove.

Coming to what the team has been watching this week, most of us finished American Gods. Yes, the season ended and some of us were actually looking for a new episode this Monday. We were quick to break their anticipation. The season finale was surely a cliffhanger and we only hope that the next season isn’t as slow as the first one. Other than that, none of us got the time to check out anything else because we were neck deep in closing our July issue. And boy, was it gruelling. Another strong reason keeping us away from Netflix and Amazon Prime Video was the Steam Summer Sales, as our wallets gently weep. Enough with the forced introduction, here are five trailers from this weekend that you must watch.

Cult of Chucky

First It, and now we have another horror movie franchise from our childhood coming back to haunt us. Well, not exactly haunt us because it’s been a long time since any one of us from the team got actually scared while watching a movie. We’re seriously waiting for one. Cult of Chucky looks like a sequel to the mass-murdering doll saga. It’s based on a support group where a foolish and cocky doctor brings not one but two Chucky dolls in an attempt to help them. In a hospital with access to several sharp accessories at his disposal, we can only expect flesh and blood to see no mercy from the good ol’ Chuck.

Release date: October 3

Death Note

After the short teaser, Death Note finally has a full trailer. None of us were mind-blown by it exactly but because of having watched the anime a couple of times, there is an excitement to it. From the trailer, the characters haven’t made quite an impact since they didn’t really align with their anime portrayals. But there’s one character who did, his maniacal tone and laugh to be precise, and that is Willem Dafoe’s first dialogues as Ryuk, the Death God or Shinigami. Check out our analysis of this trailer here.

Release date: August 25


Marvel finally dropped a proper trailer to Inhumans after teasing the new logo. Inhumans are a breed of superhumans who have been always been lurking while hiding their identity from humans. The TV show will look into the Inhuman Royal Family where everyone has some superpower. Black Bolt escapes their floating city and teleports down to Earth with the help of Lockjaw, an oversized bulldog. Looking at the trailer, it looks like we are going to see a lot of humans vs. inhumans tensions go on throughout the TV show.

Release date: September 1

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

We know everything is going digital and so did our beloved Jumanji. Yes, the crazy board game depicted in the movie by the same name starring Robin Williams is now inside a console *PCMR intensifies*. The new age Jumanji looks quite close to Journey 2: The Mysterious Island with, what seems like, a supernatural villain. With Dwayne Johnson in the lead, you can expect some mean fist-pumping action throughout the movie. You know what would be great? A little and special homage to Robin Williams for his iconic character, even if it’s in the form of Alan Parish. But hey, that’s just us.

Release date: December 20

The Foreigner

While watching this trailer, you’d be quick to assume that it feels quite similar to a movie where a man with a set of skills has his daughter taken and how he gets her back. But this movie looks so much better with Jackie Chan getting back in action after so long. Most of his movies involved a role where his stunts were portrayed in a humourous fashion but man, Jackie looks intimidating in this one. The movie also stars Pierce Brosnan and the dialogue exchange at the end of the trailer is where we were sold. 

Release date: October 13

What are your thoughts on Jackie’s new action role? The comments section awaits your presence.

Abhijit Dey

Abhijit Dey

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