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The Subreddit Games : Wacky AF

A round-up of subreddits that are guaranteed to make you go “O.o what the actual…”

If you thought there was something wrong with the current generation of kids, then one look at these subreddits will affirm your suspicions. Described by some as wacky and many other as outright stupid, these subreddits really set a new benchmark.


This HAS to be the crown jewel of this list. One cannot just simply describe what Ooer is. It’s a subreddit that transcends mere verbal boundaries – it’s something that you have to experience to understand what it truly is. You cannot call yourself a true Redditor if you haven’t visited /r/ooer at least once. Psst… if you want to read comments and stuff, install the Reddit Enhancement Suite, if you haven’t already (WHY HAVEN’T YOU?) – there should be a helpful little ‘use subreddit style’ box you can uncheck 😉


This is just ooer but… intensified. Everything applies as above but it’s turned up a notch. Fair warning, don’t go there if you are epileptic. Or have like 2 grey cells to rub together… na, we’re just kidding. Both the subreddits are nice choices you can visit to blow off some steam by WTFing through them. And if you really want to know what’s the story behind them, we got you covered.


This GoneWild subreddit too, enjoys a lot of people who visit for the ‘science’. At least, we think so. Because… why? Just why? There can’t be any other reason for such a subreddit, can there? For those are sort of dubious about visiting, here’s the lowdown – /r/avocadosgonewild is a typical GoneWild image subreddit but with Avocados in various states of undress unpeel. Some of those photos are pretty well taken, if we say so ourselves.

Subreddits Wacky AF
:wolf whistle:

World Problems

World Problems seems too tame be on this list right? Yup. But we aren’t talking about /r/firstworldproblems, /r/secondworldproblems or /r/thirdworldproblems. No sir, we’re talking about /r/fifthworldproblems (Get some visual aids with /r/fifthworldpics). Or take it up a bar with /r/seventhworldproblems. Or leave humanity behind with /r/45thworldproblems. We still aren’t sure of what or who each of these subreddits are for, maybe you should tell us if you find more information. We’ll also link more world problems below so that you can find a community where perhaps you might belong?



If you hoped the whole Bee Movie meme died out, you are gravely mistaken. /r/bee_irl is a parody of /r/me_irl and it basically is just posts of memes of bees in everyday life. Sounds quite mundane to pin it down like this but believe us, there’s a lot of ??? stuff on there.

/r/EnlightenedBirdmen and /r/BirdsWithArms

KRAAAAWWWWWWWW – Time to embrace your inner avians folks. Join the resistance over at /r/enlightenedbirdmen against the tyranny of filthy mudmen and dedicate all glory and worship to the Allfather. #BirdLivesMatter.

If you’d like to tone down the extremism (HOW DARE YOU TURN YOUR BACK ON THE CAUSE…. jk we just kidding) but still want some bird in your life, /r/BirdsWithArms is the subreddit for you. It’s pretty self-explanatory but like most other subreddits on the list, requires you to actually see it to experience it.


First off, some back story. Tsundere is a popular Anime trophe consisting of a girl who seems to be angry/frustrated with a guy in public but secretly harbors a huge crush on him. A LOT of animes have a Tsundere character in them so obviously, it’s evolved into a meme (grumble grumble… something something Otakus) Now, imagine sharks doing Tsundere things. That’s /r/TsundereSharks for you.

Let us know your favourite *what the fudge* subreddits in the comments…

Prithvi Sudhan

Prithvi Sudhan