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Optimize your fitness with these gadgets and tips

There are many ways to customise your personal life and everyday habits with technology, be it using gadgets like fitness trackers or diet tracking apps

While it has been quite some time since technology has spread into every aspect of our lives, our day-to-day health is not something we’ve widely adopted technology for. This is changing, and fast with the advent of wearables and the ubiquity of smartphones. Here are a few easy to implement methods to customise your health and lifestyle using technology

Track activity with Wrist-based trackers or Smartwatches

Mi Band 2Just in case we haven’t said this enough before – fitness trackers have arrived! You see them all around you, and pretty much every electronics company is now getting into the activity tracking market with fitness bands being sold from anywhere between Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 15,000. These entry-level devices offer you some of the basic features such as Step tracking, Sleep tracking, Heart rate sensors and more. With all this data, you can customise the way you spend your day. For instance, if you keep track of your steps along with calories burnt, you can walk longer to increase that. In case you see that you’re not getting enough deep sleep you can undertake steps to get better sleep. The sedentary alerts will ensure that you do not stay in one position for too long.

Remember, quality and accuracy often depends on the brand as well as the price point in this category. Some of the good ones that we’ve used recently are the Fastrack Reflex and the Mi Band 2. Also, while a smartwatch can offer you a lot more, getting one mainly for the purpose of activity tracking is not really worth it.

Multi-sport training trackersfenix 3 HR

Slightly on the higher-end, these trackers can track more activities than normal wrist-based trackers. The Fenix 3 HR from Garmin can track Altitude, Atmospheric pressure and even detect a multitude of sports like swimming, hiking, rowing and more. Moreover, normal step tracking and heart rate sensing is much more accurate. Tracking your performance in these sport-trackers can help you optimise every day.

Walk with smart soles

Smart soles take tracking one step further! Lechal smart soles not only let you track your steps, but they also let you receive navigational directions as vibrations in your left or right foot – depending on the turn ahead. You can even create waypoints, set multiple destinations or go exploring on your own, adding notes all the while. You’ll simply never walk the same way again.


Customise your diet

HealthifyMeHealthifyMe is by no means just a calorie tracker. Combining a personalised workout service with an Indian calorie counter is what got HealthifyMe a position in the best Indian Apps on Google Play for two years in a row. Consisting of a database of more than 100,000 Indian dishes, diligently entering what you ate into the app will not only help you keep track of your calories, it will also provide you contextual feedback regarding the nutrient content in your diet. And if you’re looking for some serious weight loss, you can even avail the services of their dedicated health coaches. There are multiple pricing plans available that offer you the flexibility of choosing one according to your needs – from Rs. 899 per month to Rs. 1,499/- per month.

The future

Even if there aren’t too many truly exciting ways in which you can customise yourself now, there are many right around the corner. From smart tattoos to AR lenses, all of our basic senses are about to be customised to harness technology. And don’t even get us started on brain-computer interfaces – no, really, don’t; we’ve been mentioning them for a decade and they still aren’t here! Still, self-customisation is going to be very big, very soon.

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