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How to protect your smartphone and DSLR camera in the rains

Love the rain? Phone doesn’t? Worry not, cuz’ this monsoon we’ve got you “covered”

Geddit? Cuz’ it’s rain and you cover yoursel…. Ok, we’ll stop. Moving on, here are ways to rainproof your two most important gadgets, so that you can make the best out of this monsoon.

Ze Smartphone

#1 Waterproof casephone case

This looks like a normal phone case, but it completely seals the phone, so as to prevent water from getting in. Waterproof cases offer the best protection. For example, with the LifeProof Fre, you can chat on your iPhone 6 feet deep, for 2 hours. As a famous economist once said, “With great value, comes great price”. Besides, it is difficult to get your hands on a case if your phone isn’t a popular one.

phone pouch#2 Waterproof pouches

Waterproof pouches are high-quality bags into which you put your phone and seal(kinda like a ziplock bag). Unlike the waterproof cases, the pouches are phone independent and come as a function of screen sizes. It’s a boon for those with unpopular smartphones because waterproof cases would be hard to come by. Although the pouches offer a similar level of protection, they aren’t very durable. It’s recommended you do periodic checks by dipping the pouch underwater without the phone. Here is a pouch from a brand, that is reputed globally. There are probably much cheaper options as well, but they might fail easily.

#3 The nano-coatnano coat

For the brave and the bold, we present to you, the nanocoat. It’s a spray that coats your phone with hydrophobic nano coating. Does it work? Check out this test done by CNN to find out. Tl;dw – The coated phone can handle around 3 minutes in minimum submersion. That would be enough to survive even the heaviest of rain. The sprays aren’t as expensive as you might think at first. Nanostate’s solution comes to around Rs. 3,000 including shipping costs.


Here are two methods by which you can rainproof your DSLR, so you can take those super-slick rain shots. What? Your DSLR is “weatherproof”? Well, check this and this out. Weather-sealing offers unreliable protection. Hence, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

dslr case

#4 Waterproof casing

With this on your camera, you can scuba dive, let alone use it in the rain. With the ewa marine bag on your DSLR, you can dive to depths of upto 50 feet. However, they are extremely expensive and is overkill, save for the most paranoid, or the rich.

camera case

#5 Rain cover/sleeve

Rain covers/sleeves are basically covers made out of plastic or hydrophobic material that you put on top of your camera. Inexpensive and offer only the amount of protection we actually need. The controls are a bit clunky to use through the cover. Here are two different types of cover to get you started with, OP/Tech and Professional.

Haran Rajkumar

Haran Rajkumar