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The Fidget Spinning Revolution

If 2016 was the year of Hoverboards, 2017 is the year for Fidget Spinners

A new fad is sweeping across the world. You’ve probably all seen it – these tiny spinning devices have been exploding with popularity all over the Internet and it has (sort of) become an indispensable toy for every cool kid in school or even adults to fidget with. But unlike the 2016 ‘hoverboards’, these inexpensive toys are easy to buy, manufacture, and you don’t have to worry about them catching fire either.

Fidget Spinner

What exactly is a Fidget Spinner?

Often marketed as a stress-relieving device and having dubious health benefits, a Fidget Spinner, generally made out of plastics or metal, is a palm-sized toy consisting of a bearing in the center that is supported by either two or three prongs that allow it to spin on your hand or any flat surface.

Some experts also claim the device can help patients suffering from attention disorders like ADHD to help them focus better and encourages its use.

Fidget Spinner

Who came up with this …?

According to Wikipedia, Catherine A. Hettinger was suffering from an autoimmune disorder and could not play with her daughter very often. So she invented an early non-mechanical prototype that her daughter could play with.

Hettinger then started selling few upgraded versions at craft fairs and it was doing well, so she filed to patent her finger spinner and secured it in 1997. She held the patent for eight years but had to surrender it in 2005 as she could not afford the $400 renewal fee.

The Revolution

These spinners have been around for some time now, but an interesting Google Trends search results for ‘Fidget Spinners’ show how they have suddenly peaked over the last two months (much thanks to all the YouTube videos featuring these devices telling you how to become a pro at fidget spinning and other such tips and tricks).

Fidget Spinner

Like the Pokemon Go explosion of the recent past, today, fidget spinners are so popular and they seem to have caught the fancy of every kid in school (and even adults). They are inexpensive and you can easily purchase one for as low as ₹200 on Amazon and eBay. The interesting thing is, 95% of the fidgeters don’t seem to care about its therapeutic functionality and for some reason, it has become that ‘one gadget every kid wants needs to have today’.

Yangerlong Jamir

Yangerlong Jamir