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Trailer Trove: Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, Wonder Woman and more

Back from an embarrassing month of procrastination and no movie trailer roundups, it’s time we took matters seriously. So mark your calendars, because Friday is going to be your movie trailer roundup day from now on.

Most of us got hooked to American Gods and have been religiously (get it?) following it as it premieres every Monday. There were mixed reactions since none of us have read the book on which it is based (by Neil Gaiman with the same title). We also watched Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 a few days back and although it had mesmerising VFX, we weren’t sold on the story and its relevance in the Marvel cinematic universe. Nonetheless, that’s a discussion for another article. Here are five new movie trailers to watch this weekend.

Blade Runner 2049

Following a teaser, the full trailer for the sequel to the iconic Blade Runner was revealed. It’s set in a mixed world of a sci-fi and dystopian future (similar to Mad Max). The trailer’s theme song retains the 1980’s feel, paying homage to the original movie. The plot of the movie involves a new blade runner, LAPD officer K played by Ryan Gosling, who is on a journey to locate Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), former blade runner missing since the last 30 years. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie also stars Jared Leto.

Release date: October 4.

Cars 3

A new trailer dropped for the upcoming sequel of popular animated franchise Cars that explores how the racing world has changed through the years in terms of technology. The trailer showcases how current racers are trained in simulators, wind tunnels, treadmills and even with virtual reality. Our reigning star and veteran racer, Storm McQueen, has to stand off against the new generation rival who goes by the name Jackson Storm. We’ll get to witness a generation gap rivalry here, and find out whether Storm will go into retirement or retain his legacy.

Release date: June 10.


Already teased months ago, Nolan’s latest Dunkirk finally has a trailer out. The movie explores the true story behind the deadly evacuation of Allied troops from the port of Dunkirk, France, during the early days of World War II. The trailer is brilliant, as it showcases the intense period of war involving dogfights, destroyer ships and gunfire battles on the shores. The movie stars Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh. We have always been a sucker for war movies and TV shows, and this definitely makes it to our list of must-watch movies once it hits the theatres.

Release date: July 21.


Another chilling trailer came out recently from the remake of the movie based on Stephen King’s horror novel “It”. This time, the trailer shows the Losers Club members entering a sewer and discovering a shoe of a missing girl named Betty Ripsom. The most chilling portions of the trailer have to be the eery music and the blank stare of Pennywise’s face at the end. For those unaware of the plot, Pennywise is a shape-shifting monster capable of transforming into your worst fear. Here it takes the shape of a clown since kids find them more appealing, making it easier to terrorise them. Hailed as funny characters intended to make you laugh, clowns are going to become scary, once again.

Release date: September 8.

Wonder Woman

One of the most awaited superhero movie (or so we would like to believe) since its announcement, we have a final trailer from Wonder Woman. Although it seems like a lot has been revealed about the story, there are still minimal clues about the villain (compared to the previous trailers). One thing is clear that we’ll get to learn about Diana’s origin story which is rightfully needed, unlike another Batman origin story. Justice League is also nearing its release date of November 16, and almost every member already have their own movies planned up until 2020 (even a Green Lantern movie named Green Lantern Corps). Looks like the DCEU is shaping up pretty well and soon, we’ll be overwhelmed with more superhero movies than ever.

Release date: June 2.

Is Wonder Woman going to be a great movie or is Wonder Woman going to be a great movie? Let us know in the comment section below.

Abhijit Dey

Abhijit Dey

While indulging deep into conspiracy theories surrounding comic book movie plots, he can be found rewatching them looking for easter eggs. Otherwise, his weekends are spent on gaming and browsing memes.