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Make your Windows look like Mac

If you yearn for more ‘Mac’iness in your life but a Dock is too less and a Hackintosh is too much, here’s a way to customise Windows to look like Mac

There’s an easy way… and there’s a hard way. Most one click solutions out there (skin packs and themes) are riddled with malware. But fret not, there still are easy ways that will not leave your system useless and a hotbed of botnets, trojans and other baddies. One such way is to just download Rainmeter and run this MacOS Sierra theme if you are on a lower res screen or this if you are on a higher res. [Of course, it goes without saying tread with caution and listen to your AV-program]

Now the ‘fun’ a.k.a the hard way might seem a bit redundant. Why would you do that when you can get everything in a few clicks? But doing the whole thing yourself means you can customise it exactly to what you want instead of conforming to the skinpack’s standard. And usually, it can end up better looking too. We’ll be outlining the basic steps below, but you can customise any of them to make it truly your own

  1. First things first, get a high res wallpaper (preferably the default MacOS Sierra one). We decided to save you some work: https://9to5mac.files.wordpress.com/2016/06/sierra.jpg
  2. Download Rocket Dock if you haven’t already and after you finish setting it up, get a MacOS themed skin if you want to go in that direction or pick any other style you think looks good. We’ve linked a neat version of the former. Simply paste the folders in C:\Program Files (x86)\RocketDock\Skins and you can select the skin from the Dock Settings.

MacOS Sierra

  1. Download an icon pack for Rocket Dock that fits in with the style and aesthetic you are going for. Navigate to the folder where you extracted these icons from the Icon Settings menu (right click on any icon on the dock, icon settings, click the plus sign below the folders box) and then you can pick individual icons for each shortcut on the dock. Add more shortcuts there too!
  2. Next, download custom icon images from DeviantArt for the things you MUST have on your desktop and change the icon in the file’s properties. All non-essentials things could be moved elsewhere for a cleaner look. You should also consider deleting the names of the files on the desktop and replace it with a blank char (ALT+255) for that sweet minimalism.
  3. Next, boot up Rainmeter and find out a ‘Mac Bar’ / ‘Rain Bar’ skin that you actually like on Deviantart or the forums and set it up. Some icons won’t give you functionality but here is one that is pretty good. Of course, you can always edit the source code to make it much better and fit in better with your theme. (http://mickey005.deviantart.com/art/MLH-1-skins-for-rainmeter-244039978)

And voila! You have your basic MacOS Sierra look with some of the functionality. Of course, you can go even more hardcore by changing Explorer via registry to look like Finder among other things, but the deeper you delve into this rabbit hole, the better the idea of dual booting your machine as a Hackintosh becomes. Keep in mind that customization is useful only to a certain extent before it becomes a hindrance more than anything else.

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Prithvi Sudhan

Prithvi Sudhan