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First Impressions: American Gods

American Gods is a new TV series based on Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name. In a world where man worships technology, how will the old gods survive?

American Gods is one of the newer TV series on the block with the first episode having aired just a few days ago on Amazon Prime. The setting is pretty straightforward. Old gods vs the new ones. If you’re a fantasy buff or into mythology you’re probably already sold on this show after that sentence, especially if you’re already a Neil Gaiman fan. None of us here at the labs have read the book, so this first impression is based solely on our experience watching the pilot episode of the series. From what we’ve heard on the interwebs, the show is supposedly following the book to the T, so maybe by the end of the series, we might not have to read the book at all. Then again, just one episode in we really can say anything prophetic.

Who names their kid Shadow Moon?

Because that’s apparently the name of our protagonist. Yes, Shadow Moon. If you think that sounds like it’s out of some angsty teen vampire novel, you’re not alone. All of us raised our eyebrows at that point. Fortunately, the man himself is nothing like what you’d expect; from a man named Shadow Moon, that is. There’s some angst but the teen and vampire traits are missing. Well, we’ll give him a pass since he’s been in jail for three years, and things are really not going his way, at least, as of the pilot episode. Actually, after just the pilot episode, we really don’t know where this show is going (again, none of us have read the book) and honestly, if he does end up as an angsty teen vampire in a future episode we might not be surprised. (If it actually happens, remember, we said it first!)

American Gods

Enter Mr. Wednesday

One thing we’d like to point out is that Ian McShane makes an amazing Mr. Wednesday. The character, Mr. Wednesday, is shrouded in mystery. If you’ve brushed up on your mythology then you might be able to make a good guess as to who Mr. Wednesday actually is. Moon meets Mr. Wednesday on his flight home, after being released from prison. Here he finds out that Mr. Wednesday knows way too much about him. More than what should even be possible. If you made that connection we spoke about earlier then this should confirm it. If not, well you’re going to want to keep watching the show regardless. And no, Mr. Wednesday does not work for the NSA. We’re dropping a lot of hints here, it’s borderline spoiler territory, so we’ll stop.

WHAT is going on?

That’s a good question. We have no idea. No seriously, after the pilot episode we were lost as to what exactly was going on, but oddly, we craved more of that confusion. There was a lot to take in, visions, mysteries, leprechauns (whaaat? yea), and there’s even – OK we’ll stop now. Overall, it’s a satisfying confusion. Is that even a thing? Well, it is now.

In conclusion, we’re very confused, but even more intrigued. Can’t wait for the next episode of American Gods.

Manish Rajesh

Manish Rajesh