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App of the Week: GoPro Quik

GoPro’s Quik app is an easy-to-use solution for all your social media video editing needs – from filters to music syncing and animations, it’s all here

While most of your media editing needs are sorted within social media apps themselves (yes we’re looking at you Instagram), there are a few limitations about what you can do with your videos on them. Quik is an app from GoPro that can become your one stop solution for quick video edits – especially if you’re looking to make them social media ready on Android and iOS.

From the get go itself you’re encouraged to start making a video. Start off by selecting your clips and snaps, then head over to the next screen to name your video. This is where all the fun starts.

Get that editing going

The first tab you see offers you ready-made templates for your clips. If you don’t see the options to rearrange your clips and other editing features, don’t give up yet. Just tap the preview to get the edit button. The edit screen provides you all the standard features like adding text, rotating the clip, choosing a focus point on a photograph, duration of each clip and the sequence they play in, to name a few. This section is where you’ll be doing most of the structural edits. Interestingly, the add text feature does not let you choose the color or location of the text on the clip. Instead, it does that on a per clip basis for you.

Check out a sample of what you can do with this app –

A post shared by Quik (@quik_app) on

Instagram user @iamgurmeetrehal shared this video with credits to @jaybodas for the edit

Where’s the music?

The next section is for the music. The Quik library does suggest a lot of tracks based on the style of the edit – for travel, sports, summer and many other categories. You can also choose your own track – in which case the app detects the beats in the track and uses it appropriately as background music.

The next section offers you some quick edit options that are similar to the ones you got in the edit section. The section after that offers some final advanced features before you finalize the edit. In this section, you get to choose the overall duration of the clip. Why is this interesting? Because the app suggests different lengths which suit different criteria. For instance, a certain length is suggested to be best for Instagram while another has the best ending for the music being used.

Finishing touches and sharing

You also get to play around with a couple of aspect ratio options, the music start point, a couple of fonts and color palettes and a whole range of visual filters a la Instagram. Once you are satisfied, just hit the download button to save the video and share it online, if you wish to. You can even send it directly as a video file. Apart from offline files, Quik can import files directly from Google Photos, Facebook as well as GoPro Plus cloud media library.

Overall, Quik is a very easy to use but capable video editing tool, something that can help you make crisp, social media ready videos in no time.

Arnab Mukherjee

Arnab Mukherjee

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