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With Google Autodraw, AI is your drawing cheat sheet

Google’s new AutoDraw web-app lets you scribble and doodle at your worst, so that a machine can fix your drawings like a professional artist

Have you ever picked up a pencil to draw and found others squinting at your creation, wondering what it is? Well, Google plans to have your back when it comes to embarrassing drawing skills with Google AutoDraw. This machine learning experiment takes your barely-legible scribbles and turns them into professional well-finished drawings – some that you probably couldn’t make even if you were seriously trying.

Google’s machine learning technology has been unveiling interesting experiments one after the other, and the latest adds another feature to its image recognition machine learning tech. Much like the other ones, this web-based app is easy and free to use on all platforms. This is how it works:

  • Go to the experiment page and hit ‘Launch Experiment’
  • Make sure that the AutoDraw tool is selected – that is the pencil with the stars around it.
  • Doodle your best attempt at a candy bar and hear the implied ‘tsk tsk’ from the algorithms.
  • Choose the improved version from the suggestions.

You can even chose to disable the AutoDraw feature if you’re confident of your doodling skills. The app would then be an average stripped-down MS-Paint equivalent. Once you’re satisfied with your doodle, you can export it as a PNG or share it to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and as a link.

A complex doodle will mostly likely generate incorrect results

Most of the suggestions that you see have been made by actual artists, whom you can check out in the ‘artist’s drawings’ section on the app. On the other hand, if you want to contribute your own drawings, you can do so here. If all the might of Google’s machine learning cannot identify your drawing, then it probably doesn’t know the object yet and you can suggest its addition here.

The app uses the same tech that went into the QuickDraw application – another machine learning app that asks you to draw something until it can recognise it, within a certain time limit.

Check out the official Google video below


Google’s AI experiments have offered some pretty interesting web and Android apps recently. This one essentially works for Google, just like Quick Draw, as it compares the doodle with the selection made to get a better estimate of what people are actually scribbling. AI and Machine learning can do some pretty amazing things right now and this app is just putting one of them in your hands.

Pro-tip: If you want to use this as an app on your phone, an easy way to do that is to open the webpage and then save the bookmark as an icon on your homepage.

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Arnab Mukherjee

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