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Stream 1080p videos at 60fps on Twitch

Amazon’s game streaming subsidiary, Twitch, has dropped their 3.5 megabits bitrate limit and now recommends 3-6 megabits for live streams – meaning, you can now stream your games in 1080p at 60fps. The feature was being beta-tested by selected streamers for some time now and Twitch is finally rolling out the update for everyone.

The transcodes are finally getting better!

The new update was declared a few days ago officially on their blog and it is definitely bringing a lot of excitement for streamers. According to Twitch, not only streamers, but even viewers now have more video quality options (ranging from 1080p all the way down to 144p) to choose from depending on their connections. Log on to Twitch Inspector and “check your latest stream data for an indicator called Transcode V2” to know if your channel has been updated with the new feature. Not only will ‘Inspector’ give you video quality controls but it will also let you monitor your stream stability, run test streams before going live, or even troubleshoot if you encounter any problems.

For those of you that might be new to live streaming, Twitch also has a new site – stream.twitch.tv which provides different guidelines and recommendations to help you figure out which settings are ideal for you depending on your internet and computer.

Needs to get even better

Although the new update is a welcome improvement, Twitch services are still ever-so-slightly behind their competition – YouTube already supports upto 4K live-streaming. With more and more consumers gearing up with 1080p, 1440p or even 4K monitors, and actually having the horsepower to run and stream games at such high resolutions, Twitch really needs to up their game.

Live streaming is the biggest thing happening in the gaming world right now, and Twitch is (arguably) the most popular streaming site for gamers with millions of viewers daily. However, because eSports is only getting bigger by the day, competitors are going to catch up and overtake Twitch soon unless they offer better experiences.

Yangerlong Jamir

Yangerlong Jamir