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Giant robots from USA and Japan will fight each other in August

The giant robot duel of your mecha-dreams is finally happening in August 2017 – and it’s between the Megabots Mk.III and Suidobashi Kuratas

Remember when USA and Japan agreed to a Gundam-style robot duel? The American contender Megabots as finally announced that the ‘Giant Robot Duel’ is confirmed and scheduled for August 2017 at an undisclosed venue. While there is no word from Suidobashi (Megabots’ opponents from across the Pacific) the announcements indicate that preparations from both the teams are well underway and all your mech-battle dreams are about to come true this year. Check out the announcement video below:

The Duel details

When Megabots completed their Mk.II and challenged Suidobashi’s Kuratas to a duel back in 2015, they definitely got the attention of the world. The duel has been subjected to multiple delays over two years subject to varying factors, with little or no communication regarding specifics from either team. Megabots has revealed that they, along with Suidobashi, have been under an NDA until all the arrangements for the duel had been made, which was the reason behind their silence.

The mysterious venue also has a story behind it. Another venue was fixed for an earlier scheduled battle, but that venue fell apart and pushed the anticipated duel further behind schedule. To just play it safe, they are keeping the new venue a secret to avoid any further complications. Fans can watch the duel on the YouTube channels of Megabots and Suidobashi.

The robots

Not much information is available regarding the design and the components of Mk.III, the latest model from Megabots. Their own website only reveals that the Mk.III is “a fully combat capable 12-ton, 430-horsepower steel crushing beast”. Check out the Mk.III picking up a car in the video below:

The completed Mk.III will be demonstrated to the public in the San Francisco Bay Area in May before it goes to the duel. On the other hand, Suidobashi Industries have remained silent after the video has been released.

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Image Courtesy: Suidobashi

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