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Become a widget wizard with these widgets and tricks

Best Widget out there –



Alto is a unique iOS app which helps you with your emails. We all come across that point when your inbox is filled with newsletter and you have to search for important emails, with Alto this job is taken care of. Alto is an organizational tool which separates email according their importance with the timeframe, it will separate what is important right now, with what you can take care later. It has a dashboard with emails displayed as cards that show important emails like package tracking, upcoming flights and items you ordered online.


Fantastical 2

If you have a busy life and have trouble being on schedule, Fantastical 2 is the perfect widget you should install. It has a minimal feel and looks amazing on the lock screen. It will show your upcoming reminders, events and tasks with their respective scheduled timing and notes if given by the user. Anything which is due for the next 4 hrs will be reflected on your lockscreen. You don’t have to open the app, you can access most of the information from the lockscreen itself. The best thing about this application is the big red overdue sign which will pop up if you are missing something and will haunt you until that task is completed.



How would you feel if you could achieve numerous tasks just by a single click? If you ever used Android you would know the app ‘Tasker’ and how powerful this app can be. So, Workflow lets you perform series of tasks triggered by just one click, like uploading screenshots to your drive just by one click. You can use this to increase productivity and minimise effort. It comes with numerous recipes/formulas which can be managed by the user.



Transparent Clock and Weather

One widget that is universally used is the weather widget, so we focused on finding the best in the lot. Transparent Clock and Weather is just not a weather widget it is a collection of widgets. It can even display internal system information like Wi-Fi status or microSD storage left. This widget has a very clear and crisp look, if you are looking for a weather widget this should be your top choice.


Elixir 2

Elixir 2 is one of the best system monitoring widget that is on the market these days, the simple reason why we chose Elixir 2 for our list is the level of customization that it offers to the user, the widget comes in different sizes to choose from and provides you with every bit of information that your smartphone has to offer, CPU temperature, amount of RAM in use etc.



If you see Zooper, it’s just a time and date app on the surface, but when you see the level of customization this application offers you will be amazed, it’s like a launcher for widgets, you can decide what will be font size, drop shadow for the object, colour of the object. Mostly whatever you see in Zooper can be customized. This also provides you with the battery level, weather forecast and calendar.


Create your first Android Widget

When we talk of widgets, they can be considered as a small window that can be embedded into your homescreen. The main reason why widgets are widely used is because widgets can allow access to app even without opening them. For example changing to your next track, skipping a track in the music widget, or you can even see what is up with the weather today with the weather widget.

We wanted this tutorial to be user-friendly and didn’t want to focus on the coding part of the process, So the alternative that we have come up with is Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW).

If you are interested in the coding part of it and want to create widgets independently you can refer to the following link: http://dgit.in/AndrdWdget.


1 – To get started, add a widget normally to your homescreen and select UCCW when the option pops up. We recommend you to start with a larger size to work for beginners so start with 4×4.

create widget

Tap on ‘Create New Skin’

create widget

Choose the first option from the given templates, the first one should look like a plain white canvas.

create widget

Fill in the required details.

create widget

There you will see five different options, which can be used to build your widget step by step.

create widget


create widget

Objects is where you start adding items to your widget like, Time, Date etc. This is a very simple process, just select an item, give it a label and boom.

create widget

When you add an object you will see, that it is placed with a mess on the grid, head to ‘ Position all Objects’ and use the joystick to place your item on the canvas.

create widget

With all the items in place, now you will be able to see the changes that are being made to the item, you can change the size, font of the item placed. There are adjustment panel for different items they all are pretty similar for all the items, you just need to see which adjustment is accessible and what is not.

create widget

You can also download add-ons for custom look, check out UCCW on the Google Play Store. This will provide you with variety of options to play with. – Some are paid, some are free. UCCW accepts any .ttf font for the widget. So you can download free fonts from the internet and add them to the widget at any point.

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