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Pornhub and YouPorn ditch HTTP for HTTPS

MindGeek, the IT company behind both Pornhub and YouPorn, has announced that both sites are going secure and moving from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS.

We’ve all heard of Pornhub and YouPorn. Stop lying. Whether you’re a guy or a gal, we know that you know about these sites. You wouldn’t even have clicked on this article if you hadn’t heard of them. 

Considering how frequently these websites are visited, it’s understandable that they need to have decent security. Especially after the recent FCC fiasco, the need for security and privacy seems the be the first thing on everybody’s minds. MindGeek, the company that owns both websites, today announced the switch to Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). While Pornhub has already made the move (we checked, and during office hours, from office computers too!), YouPorn will only make the move on April 4, 2017.


So why HTTPS?

HTTPS is a more secure version of the HTTP protocol. The extra S stands for secure, which basically indicates that the site is protected. Data exchange is protected by an additional SSL certificate, which stands for “Secure Socket Layer.” This kind of protocol basically encrypts the data that is being exchanged between a website and its visitors.

In today’s day and age, secure connections are becoming something of a necessity. The lack of a secure connection can leave users vulnerable to a host of attacks. Such as eavesdropping attacks – where your private communications are intercepted, man-in-the-middle attacks – where the attacker alters and relays information between two parties, and modification attacks – where info is deleted, inserted, or altered, but made to look authentic or genuine to users. All of these are pretty hard to detect, so you definitely want to be secure.

In a recent Google Transparency Report, it was revealed that of the 100 most visited websites in the world, 11 were adult websites, and among them only three were secure. Make that four now. Five, soon.

Pornhub vice president Corey Price said this in a statement as quoted from Venturebeat:

“Here at Pornhub, with more than 70 million daily visitors, we wanted to continue our concerted effort to maximize the privacy of our users, ensuring that what they do on our platform remains strictly confidential. With the switch to HTTPS we are able to protect their identity as well as safeguard them against exposure to malware by third parties.”

Here’s what YouPorn’s VP Brad Burns had to say:

“As one of the most viewed websites in the world, it is our duty to ensure the confidentially and safety of our users. The transition to HTTPS will go a long way in solidifying our users’ privacy and protecting them against various types of malware. The data on our webpages will now be encrypted, making it significantly harder for third parties to penetrate.”

Pun intended there, Brad?

Manish Rajesh

Manish Rajesh

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