Space city sigma (1986)

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    Star Trek rip off. Indians and sci fi ...what to expect. Screw me. Anyone remembers this show? I dont.
    Anyone got video tapes...or something. It aired on Doordarshan...was there any other channel back in 1986?

    It was directed by Ketan Mehata....IMDB barely mentions it entry on wikipedia nothing on torrents (yeah yeah now you know the real reason me getting pissed). The only Indian show which was a decent science fiction and nothing on internet. @#@$#@ Indians.

    Here I am copy pasting something on internet ...if it wasnt bad enough the show was a rip even comments being plagiarised...i am indian too...

    Sigma was a city based on a meteorite patrolling that sector. The incharge was Captian Tara and the second in command was a cyborg (half human-half machine) Shakti. There was a robot named Go-Go. The villains name was Zakaku and it looked like his brains came out of his head in a Mohican haricut style. He had a big evil computer which looked like brains suspended in bubbling water (actually baloons). The SFX were real nice and so were the laser and space flight sequences.

    Somebody who can fill in...anything ...will be appreciated.
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