New 3DMark announced for Windows 8

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    Futuremark has announced the new 3DMark for the upcoming Windows 8. 3DMark has been one of the most popular gaming benchmarks for graphics card and overall system prowess for over a decade, and is also used by us for testing most of our PC components as well as laptops.

    The next update in 3DMark comes almost 2 years after 3DMark 11 was released, and takes advantage of the new DirectX 11 API in Windows 8 which allows graphics cards to be benchmarked in DX9, DX10 and DX11 modes. The new name, ’3DMark for Windows’ change is currently a placeholder because Futuremark doesn’t want to call it ’3DMark 13′ or ’3DMark for Windows 8′ because of backwards compatibility with Win7 and Vista.

    The new 3DMark will be available shortly after the release of Windows 8 later this year. Have a look at the trailer below which shows a glimpse of the effects the new 3DMark will have.

    Press Release

    HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 21, 2012 – Futuremark® today released its first trailer for the next version of 3DMark®. Designed for measuring the gaming performance of everything from tablets and notebooks to high-end desktop gaming systems, the next 3DMark for Windows will be the world’s first unified graphics benchmark allowing testing of DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 capable hardware through the DirectX 11 API. Expected to be released after the launch of Windows 8, this new 3DMark will also be compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Vista. The new trailer provides a preview of the DirectX 11 test and is now available online and in high definition for the first time at

    In the trade town of Scarport, buildings cling to canyon walls above canals of lava and provide shelter from the toxic volcanic atmosphere. Gaudy neon signs flicker as steam rises from the molten rivers running beneath the town. A trader walks along ledges carved from the volcanic rock, smoke swirling around her flowing cloak. Her robotic sentinels keep watch, but what dangers lie hidden in the shadows?

    The 3DMark DirectX 11 tech demo brings this scene to life with intelligent tessellation and advanced volumetric lighting using real-time light scattering. The visible particles and clouds of smoke in the scene react to other objects using fluid dynamics simulation. Post processing, ambient occlusion and various lens effects complete the look.


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