How do you rate your Laptop & its Brand?

Discussion in 'Laptops and Netbooks' started by pratheeshps, Mar 27, 2013.

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    When you are deciding to buy a new laptop,you are confused with numerous Brands with multiple configurations .

    Thinkdigit forum is one of the most active forums for helping people to decide what are their best options considering their budget.But with this popularity ,Buying decision posts are often duplicates of another one.In this forum,you can find 1000's of threads available asking for buying decisions.Most of them have a basic understanding of the specs they want like processor ,Ram,Discrete graphic card etc.They only want to know the brand's service record,& also if the selected model have any issues.Most of the people decide by choosing their configurations in E-commerce sites like Flipkart,E-bay etc.So they finally arrive on a few no. of options & ask Digitiians to make a better decision from them.

    This thread is only for sharing your experience with your laptop,how good is this model & customer support/tech support if you had any with your brand's support team.

    NB: 1) Don't make prejudice posts if you had not actually experienced the product & it's service.Strictly your Direct experience only.

    2) Don't make generalized comments about Laptop & it's brands solely based on one experience,but you can comment about what you had actually experienced.

    3)This thread is created for unifying Digitians experience spanned across the forum & for guest visitors to understand about laptops & brands from going through this single thread.

    4)Hoping that this thread actually develops into a sticky post.

    5)Existing similar posts following the above rules can be exported to this thread.

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